Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunction | Miley Cyrus Oops

Some of the boob slip pictures can be shown because in reality that do not really show anything. They are too grainy and too covered up but the fact that our young starlet has something naughty to talk about again makes them newsworthy whether or not the malfunction requires visualization. She is America’s darling after all.

Here are the photos taking the internet by storm, what is claimed to be the very first Miley Cyrus wardrobe malfunction known to exist. See Miley make a great recovery by covering a slip right up as the paparazzi snapped and snapped which revealed absolutely nothing. An interesting question is why the fuss?

Miley Cyrus Oops Photos

Miley Cyrus Oops pic

Miley Cyrus Oops pic2

Miley Cyrus Oops pic3

Miley Cyrus Oops pic4

Miley Cyrus Oops pic5

Miley Cyrus Oops pic6

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