KASKUS: Nikita Mirzani

Photos of Nikita and Daus Mini have long spread on the internet. But recently this topic became hit on the internet after a nude photo of Nikita Mirzani previously circulated on internet.

In the photo looks Daus Mini is smaller than Nikita who wear sexy clothes. By raising both hands of Daus Mini it looks he's holding the breast of Nikita.

foto nikita mirzani daus miniVisible location where they posed was in the parking lot. At that time, Nikita's chest still has not been tattooed.

Nikita thought her naughty pictures is still within reasonable limits. He thinks it's just a job of prankster who pass it on.

"The photos that circulated on the internet was still at the level of reasonable value because it still looks closed, so what should be questioned," he said some time ago.

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