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Nikita Mirzani and Daus Mini Photos - Nikita Mirzani indeed lately are hot after several personal photos of his spread on the Internet. At this time it's turn to Daus Mini, artist who have little body is visible in the photograph belongs to Nikita that circulated was Daus Mini is holding something of Nikita Mirzani's.

In the photo Mirzani and Daus Mini is seen being photographed with Nikita Mirzani. Since Dice Mini has a small body posture, of course, he must be lowered down of nikita, nikita's looks so slit. Who make a scene, daus' hands look deliberately holding something of nikita. Nikita Mirzani and Daus Mini photo is becoming hit on the internet.

In another outstanding photo seen in Photos Nikita Mirzani is posing which Daus Mini is held by Nikita. It is unclear when the photo was taken and who is taken is not yet known what is his motives.

Nikita Mirzani Daus Mini Photos

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