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Cases of alleged adultery of Peni Farnita and Zumi Zola cause a lot of attention. In addition to Zumi's status who is a regent, Peni is the wife of a man named Bernaldi Djemat (Aldi).

Aldi has reported allegations of adultery and infidelity to the Jakarta Police. Aldi claims to have a valid proof of illicit relations Zumi and Peni. One of them, photograph and record of sex phone between Zumi and Peni.

foto zumi zolaTo prove his words the Aldi and his attorney showing nude photos of Peni to the media. They claim to have 170 pictures, in which 30 of them nude photos of Peni. And among the photographs there are also dozens of photos featuring Zumi adultery and Peni.

In addition to the photographs claimed to have illicit relations Zumi and Peni the Aldi claimed to have other evidence. Alleged the evidence is a nasty video footage Zumi and Peni. However, a team of Aldi's lawyers did not want to open it to the public.

The mystery of truth of the video make a lot of people chasing it. But many people also take advantage of the moment whim. Many pornographic videos on behalf of Zumi Zola and Peni in cyberspace. But of course the video was fake and only displays photos Zumi and Peni.

In one such video nasty scene featuring a man and woman. Because there is no similarity at all many people who do not believe it is cast in the video Zumi and Peni. In fact, the video on behalf of Zumi Zola affair had been removed. In addition, one of the videos that steal the show in cyberspace is one of the videos are uploaded on February 7, 2012 at a site.

In fact, the video uploader writes that the evidence is irrefutable. Not surprisingly the video was viewed by nearly 12 thousand people. However, the video duration 3:01 minutes it was only edits photos featuring Zumi Peni interspersed with a song.

Until now Aldi's attorney did not want to reveal whether the sex videotape Zumi Zola and Peni Farnita true or not. No wonder many people who seek truth and pursue it's p*rn video.
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