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Gina Carano: The Sexy Female Fighter!
Who says that the woman fighter is usually ugly and frightening? paradigm about the female wrestlers or Thaiboxer women are usually ugly women and burly. But not all female fighters are like that, the proof of WWE wrestlers there are many beautiful women wrestlers in the WWE like Maria Kannelis, Stacy Keibler and others.

Well on this occasion I would like to introduce to you a beautiful and sexy wrestlers, Gina Carano. She is the Thaiboxing World Champion's Woman...amazing!! in her daily lives Gina Carano is a sweet and gentle woman, but it's a different story if she is on a ring, if she had been in the ring, then she will turn into a ferocious like a lion ready to beat her enemies. See photos of Gina Carano in action here!

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Watch the new Gina Carano's movie here!

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