Eric Schmidt Participated in Rocking Gangnam Style

Boss of Google danced with Oppa Gangnam Style

Gangnam style that was popularized by South Korean singer, PSY, has been 'poisoned' a lot of people around the world. Even not miss Google chairman Eric Schmidt also shared in the excitement.

During his visit to a number of East Asian countries, Schmidt took time to stop by Tokyo, Japan and Seoul, South Korea to announce the presence of the Nexus. Well, its presence in Seoul for a meeting with PSY.

As is known, Gangnam Style video clips that are uploaded on the YouTube video has set a record as the first K-Pop who watched 161 million times as much.

Eric Schmidt and Oppa Gangnam Style

Was predictable, on the sidelines of the meeting with PSY, Schmidt taught dancing too, riding style though not how long. Similarly, as quoted from The Verge, Friday (09/28/2012).

PSY indeed was the talk of the world. After teaching the horse riding Britney Spears dance on The Ellen Show, now the video clip 'Gangnam Style' was a new record.

The video has become the most preferred video in YouTube history worldwide. PSY beating video LMFAO 'Party Rock Anthem'.

From the YouTube Charts, look 'Gangnam Style' favored by 1.6 million users. While the Party Rock Anthem 'just' favored by 1.5 million YouTube users.

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