Anne Hathaway Underwear Slip (해서웨이노출)

Foto Anne Hathaway 노출 by Paparazzi

Foto Anne HathawayAnne Hathaway lets her cooch out for a breather while awkwardly climbing out of a car on Monday night in a much more awkward dress at a Les Mis premiere and the paparazzi digitally captured the moment. Rather than delete the evidence, as Hathaway went on record would have been the fair and sensible thing to do, the photographer made some money off of it. Sacrebleu! It was as if someone's dying moments were captured for entertainment value. Not. Hathaway talked about it to Vanity Fair and then went on The Today Show, where ratings-killer Matt Lauer lecherously introduced her with, "We've seen a lot of you lately." Gee, thanks, Matt Lauer.

You were already a douchebag who probably cheats on his wife and killed crybaby Ann Curry's dreams by orchestrating her exit from Today, but now you're also unabashedly gross. Anyway, Hathaway, a woman of grace and dignity, couldn't just have a good laugh; rather, she chastised the media for capitalizing on her "vulnerable moment" and went on to cleverly tie this indiscretion to her latest film role. However, I don't know if clever is really the appropriate word considering that she's a multimillionaire sans kids who had an embarrassing moment who compared her predicament to an impoverished 19th-century mother who had no choice in life to provide for her daughter other than to prostitute herself for money. Um, Anne, I get where you're going with this, and, yes, you may have a point with commodifying sexuality, but, girl, you are treading on some thin ice for the more discerning.

If she should be admonishing anyone, it should be Tom Ford for putting her in that caped dress (and whoever made those Matrix-style boots). There are some of the camp that she is the still the classy-type who went commando to avoid the panty-line and wasn't accustomed to the practice. There are others who cry foul, because it's all the internet is talking about (including Cinesnatch), she's not beneath calling attention to herself, and, duh, a small purse could have blocked that small breeze she had to have felt up in her bidness. We haven't really heard about this type of biscuit delivery since the Paris/Lindsay/Britney Baker's Dozen from six or so years ago. But, we can all agree they're trash and Anne, a talented film actress, who is known for her prestigious choices isn't one we'd normally place in their company. Aren't we living in a different world now where very little is sacred? It's not like she holds a high political position, where one has to command some semblance of respect in order to be taken seriously. If Secretary of State Hillary Clinton really isn't running for president in 2016, she'll be flashing us pretty soon to make it clear, I imagine.

Anne Hathaway Underwear Slip imageMeanwhile, Hathaway will be working with Steven Spielberg on Robopocalypse. Is he going to send her a quilt with a note that says, "Cover yourself up" before cameras roll like he did with Drew after she showed David Letterman her fun bags on air? It's not like a slip-up, so to speak, of this nature would harm anyone in the entertainment world or their award's chances, would it? We already know she's winning the Oscar. She has made it very clear. The AMPAS don't really have a choice. However, remember when Paul Verhoeven "tricked" Sharon Stone into slipping off her underwear in Basic Instinct, because of the "glare." We all know that Stone's beaver cameo kept her from Oscar, so perhaps Anne should be sweating now.

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