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The Police and other law enforcement officers in California, U.S., on Thursday (02/07/2013) local time hunting down a former Los Angeles police officer who had killed three people. Former police fugitive was Christopher Dorner, 33, who last week killed a campus security officer and his fiancee, Monica Quan, 28.

Monica is the daughter of a captain of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) who was a legal adviser to the Dorner  when submitted to a disciplinary hearing, which eventually made him fired in 2008. Monica Quan and his fiancee found dead in Irvine, about 64 miles south of Los Angeles. In pursuit later, two LAPD personnel was involved in a shootout in the city of Corona with Dorner also a member of the U.S. Navy reserve. A policeman was injured, while Dorner passes.

About 20 minutes later two other policemen were inside their patrol car in the city of Riverside, not far from Corona, attacked by Dorner, which resulted in a police officer was killed and his partner wounded. Dorner pickup a ride later found to be burnt in the snow near Big Bear Lake in the San Bernardino Mountains, more than 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

"We do not know what it would do. We know what kind of ability and we have to find it, "said Cindy Bachman, a spokeswoman for San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. Officers have deployed sniffer dogs and helicopters with infrared tracking device to track Dorner who is believed to have at least a gun assault. In his Facebook account Dorner even issued a threat on his hunters. "Do not muster aircraft. [Rocket launcher] SA-7 is waiting, "he wrote, referring to the Russian-made missile weapon that can be fired from launchers were carried on shoulders by individuals. "The violence will continue ... I will bring unconventional and asymmetric warfare for them in the LAPD, whether on duty or not," he wrote anyway.

Police said at least 40 people are believed to be a potential target in the protection Dorner now. "This operation revenge against all law enforcement personnel in California and should be considered as such," said Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck. Dorner entered the U.S. Navy in 2002 and joined the LAPD in 2005. "He was aware he was doing. We've taught her ... she was also a member of the military. It is alarming and frightening, especially for all police personnel involved, " Beck said.
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