Fatin X Factor - "Diamonds" (Rihanna) Cover

Bruno Mars ‘Endorses’ Indonesian X-Factor Contestant, Fatin "Grenade"

Fatin Shidqia Lubis (16), a high school student wearing a jilbab and her grey uniform during her performance of Bruno Mars’ “Grenade” on X Factor Indonesia, would instantly capture the nation’s attention. X Factor judges – Ahmad Dhani, Rossa, Baby Romeo and Wulan Jamela, were initially not so impressed when they saw Fatin come out from behind the curtain. However, their reactions totally changed after hearing Fatin’s singing voice.

Dhani even asked her to join his team to further improve Fatin’s vocals’ for the next round. Rossa, who sat beside Dhani, also did not want to lose Fatin and asked her to choose her instead. With her innocent face, Fatin chose Rossa [to be her mentor]. Fatin’s harmonious singing video has been uploaded to YouTube and praised by many users. In fact, one commentator named Lord Cemen wrote, “I have listened to this song more than 20 times already but I have never gotten tired of it. I even forgot the original version.”

The accolades didn’t stop there. Fatin’s X Factor Indonesia video performance is even featured on the official website of Bruno Mars. The video title states, “Fatin Shidqia Lubis – Grenade: X Factor Auditions Indonesia.” Even though not many people commented on the video, it is already a rare feat that Fatin’s video was uploaded onto the official website of Bruno Mars. “I’m starting to like this girl, Fatin makes me want to know all about Bruno Mars. Thx Fatin, you have a great voice, I love u ….,” according to a comment from Jotz, on January 23, 2013.

On Friday (15/02/2013) night entered the stage show case. In the group of women aged under the 26 years appearance session who mentored by Rossa, Joanna, Fatin and Shena seamless praise jury.

Wearing fashionable style Moslem Middle East, Fatin sang "Diamonds" a song popularized by Rihanna. Rossa as her mentor claim to be surprised and shocked when Fatin walked into the audience while singing and style.

Here is the song titled "Diamonds" (Rihanna) cover by Fatin X Factor Indonesia.

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