Last Tweet from Oscar Pistorius' Girlfriend

Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius Shoot Dead His Girlfriend "Reeva Steenkamp"

A few hours before her death, the model Reeva Steenkamp could hardly conceal her excitement about her first Valentine's Day with Oscar Pistorius. This blonde model in a tone write tweets on her twitter follower's, "What do you have up your sleeve for your love tomorrow? # Getexcited."

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Reeva Steenkamp also added, "It should be a day of love for all people. Hopefully blessed!"

But she had no time to celebrate her Valentine. She died in her boyfriend's house in Pretoria with a gunshot wound. According to the police sources in Pretoria, she suffered a gunshot wound to the head, chest, and arms. Pistorius, who reportedly may have been mistakenly suspected of stealing Steenkamp, ​​now facing sentence on charges of murder.

Steenkamp touted as the next bright star. She enjoyed her success as a top model at a young age and dating one of the most famous athletes in the world. Toyota, FHM, Clover, and Zui are some prestigious clients who had hired her as a model.

PR Steenkamp, ​​Sarit Tomlinson, said the pair had been together for several months in what she describes as "a healthy and fabulous."

Steenkamp was born in Cape Town on August 19, 1983. She grew up in Port Elizabeth followed her parents. Her father, Barry, worked as a racehorse trainer.

Her career began with a South African model of advertising Avon. She aspires to be a four equestrian athletes, before suffering back injuries when falling from a horse, with injuries so severe that she had to learn to walk again. This is what makes it so admires Pistorius.

According to her Facebook page, he liked cars and cooking and prefer to read books on holidays and spending quality time with friends and family.

This weekend, Steenkamp was originally scheduled to star in a reality show 'Tropical Island Of Treasure' on South African television. This event is the event where celebrities and ordinary people competing in a remote exotic locations in a variety of daily challenges.
reeva steenkamp pics with oscar pistorius
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