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Nancy Lang (낸시랭) Biography

The provocative, outspoken ambassador of Pop Art for Korea, The Walking Pop Art, Nancy Lang (낸시랭) springs from possibly the ideal vocation for artists; Hong-Ik University(Korea) and Hong-Ik Graduate School(Korea), department of Fine Arts, where she earned her M.F.A and B.F.A.

The year 2003 marks the inevitable debut of this unconventional student of the Arts. Her first official stint was a collaboration project with world renowned rock group "Linkin Park", courtesy of "Warner Music". With guts came glory for Nancy Lang. On the summer of that very same year, Lang set out another spark of creativity with her performance project aptly entitled “Uninvited Dreams and Conflicts; Taboo Yogini Series” when she literally crashed the Venice Biennale and New York’s Time Square, uninvited.

It was an all year media affair for Nancy Lang in 2005. The colorful Artist was firmly positioned as a driven, passionate and in-control feministic icon of our era through her appearance in Cable TV; On style Network’s “Singles in Seoul; Contra sexual.” In TV KBS1’s “Power Interview”, she established herself the spokesperson for the Pop Arts scene of Korea.

Lang’s work finally gained the international recognition it deserved when "Louis Vuitton" hired a young Korean artist for the first time to co-produce their 2005 video project. Also in 2005, a joint publication between Nancy Lang and the Taboo Yogini Media Group, the first issue of “Magazine Nancy Lang” was published.

The summer of 2005, Lang was talent spotted by the happening Korean fashion brand, "Ssamzie" and signed a one-year modeling contract. She is the first local artist to successfully launch the "Nancy Lang" brand. Having wowed nationwide fashion enthusiasts with her ground breaking brand launching event, Nancy has her hands full as the AD, Product designer, AE, VMD, Interior decorator of her name brand. Currently she is wrapped up with overseeing every nook and cranny of the “Ssamzie_Nancy Lang 2006 S/S Fashion Show”.

2006 marked another milestone in Lang’s career as she successfully breached into the corporate world when she was featured for numerous CI ads for the global giant, "Samsung".

On that same year, "KT" conceptualized an entire campaign after Lang, providing her with yet another modeling opportunity for the “Megapass” TV commercials.

Nancy Lang was everywhere in 2006. A rare opportunity to speak her mind as a columnist was offered to her as she landed her own weekly column on "Ilgan Sports" Newspaper, where she had an entire page to fill to the brim with stories of celebrity fashion.

"M-net"(Korean MTV channel) created a daily program called “The Nancy Lang Trend Report Pill”, hosted by non other than Artist Nancy Lang herself, guaranteed to make and keep the program extraordinary.

Lang was hired by "Random house Joongang" to create an approachable book that introduced masterpiece paintings and remakes and provide a breath of fresh ideas. May 2006, her first book, “Artist Nancy Lang’s Modern Art in Bikinis”, an easy read for artistically challenged and dulled Urban Cavemen of the 21st Century, was published.

e d u c a t i o n
  • 2002 Graduated Department of Painting, Graduate School of Hong-Ik Univ., M.F.A in Seoul, Korea.
  • 2000 Graduated Department of Painting,, Hong-Ik Univ., B.F.A. in Seoul, Korea.
  • 1995 Graduated Brent International School in Manila, Philippines.

s o l o e x h i b i t i o n s
  • 2007 ‘Taboo Yogini Series in Paris', Galerie Martin et Thibault de La Chatre, Paris, France.
  • 2007 ' Nancy Lang meets Flatron', Gallery SeoHo, Seoul, Korea.
  • 2006 'Artist Nancy Lang’s Modern Art in Bikinis', Gallery Ssamzie, Seoul.
  • 2005 'Taboo Yogini Series(ll)', Gallery Demain, Seoul.
  • 2004 'Unknown Night with Nancy Lang', Chungdam 'S' bar, Seoul.
  • 2004 SFAF Seoul Fine Art Festival- 'YOU LOST', Seoul Arts Center, Seoul.
  • 2003 MANIF9! 2003 Seoul International Art Fair_ 'Taboo Yogini Series(I), Seoul Arts Center, Seoul.
  • 2002 'Energy flow', KwanHoon Gallery, Seoul.
  • 2001 'Fly me to the paradise', Dukwon Museum of Art, Seoul.

a w a r d s
  • 2002 The Selected Artist of Ansung Art Festival 2002, Ansung Museum of Art, Ansung.
  • 2002 Special Privilege of 'ChungChoo' Fine Arts Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2002 The 8th. Contemporary Expressions of Korea Young Artists; New Artist Grad Prix of Fine Art, Art world 'Misulsagae', Seoul, Korea.

s e l e c t e d e x h i b i t i o n s
  • 2006 'Contemporary Art between Korea & India_ Hybrid', Seoul Arts Center, Seoul.
  • 2006 'Papertainer Museum_ Paper Column Gallery The History of Women', Papertainer Museum at Seoul Olympic Park, Seoul.
  • 2006 'Who are you.', Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul.
  • 2006 'The 1st. Shinsegae Art Fair_ Purple Cake', Shinsegae Main Department Store, Seoul.
  • 2006 '.Vision 2006', Seoul Metro Museum of Art, Seoul.
  • 2006 'Come-in_ Interior Design as a Contemporary Art Medium in Germany', Korea Design Center, Seoul.
  • 2006 'Robot_ Special Selected Exhibition between KAIST & Gana Art Center', Insa Art Center, Seoul.
  • 2005 'Art Toon. Toon Art', Gail Museum of Art, Seoul.
  • 2005 'Robot is coming', The National Center of DaeJoen, DaeJoen.
  • 2005 'Danwon Art Fair_ Contemporary Art & Ansan Media Art 2005', Ansan Danwon Gallery, Ansan.2005 'Pop Pop Pop'_The exhibition of contemporary art between korea & japan, Gana Art Center, Seoul.
  • 2005 'Seoul Young Generation Art Fair_ Potfolio 2005', Seoul National Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • 2005 'Daymark Inspiration', Space Zip, Seoul.
  • 2005 'The Prize of the Time', Sejul Gallery, Seoul.
  • 2004 'Chemical Art', Gallery Chosun, Seoul.
  • 2004 'The Cool Beauty', Noam Gallery, Seoul.
  • 2004 Club, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju.
  • 'Autograph Signing Event of Nancy Lang_ Beautiful Monster'; The Combination work of Proccess art and Performance.
  • 2004 'Unknown Night with Nancy Lang'; Multi-media project of Nancy Lang and THE PARTY, Chungdam-Dong 'S' bar, Seoul.
  • Artist Nancy Lang Presents Animation Video Art, Performance, and Paintings.
  • 2003 'Uninvited Dreams and Conflicts_ Taboo Yogini Series(II)', Loa Member's Brand Shop, Seoul.
  • 2003 The Selected Performance Artist of Environmental Art Festival 2003 'The Life and Forest', Gongpyung Art Center, Seoul.
  • 2003 The Selected Artist of MANIF 9!03 Seoul International Art Fair, Seoul Arts Center, Seoul.
  • 2003 Exhibition of the Proffesors' in Ulsan Univ._ 'Innocence', Hyundai Art Gallery, Ulsan.
  • 2003 'Sale', Hyundai Art Gallery, Ulsan.
  • 2003 'Temperature of the Outer Layer 1'; Galerie VERGER's Organized Exhibition of Artist of Korean and Japan, Galerie VERGER, Japan.
  • 2003 'Love greater than Death', Ellen Kim Murphy Gallery, Yangpyung.
  • 2003 'A Bargain Sale', Hyundai Art Gallery, Woolsan.
  • 2003 'The Color in April', Gallery Moolsori, Woolsan.
  • 2002 The 8th. Contemporary Expressions of Korea Young Artists_ New Artist Grad Prix of Fine Art; In Commemorative Exhibition of Winning a Prize, Art World 'Misulsagae', Seoul.
  • 2002 Ansung Art Festival 2002_ 'From the Memories; Images & Non Images', Angsung Museum of Art, Ansung.
  • 2002 The 8th. Contemporary Expressions of Korea Young Artists_ 'Aesthetics of Space', Seoul Arts Center, Seoul.
  • 2002 The Environmental Art Festival 2002_ The Ideal City (La Citta Ideale), Seoul Municipal Museum of Art, The Memorial Museum of 600 Years, Seoul.
  • 2001 'Trippping the Other Side', Art Planet Gallery, Seoul.

g r o u p e x h i b i t i o n s
Nancy Lang (낸시랭) photo
  • 2003 HongIk Women Artists Association, Insa Art Center, Seoul.
  • 2002 The Exchange Exhibition between Korea and Japan, Sendai 5th. Avenue Gallery, Japan.
  • 2002 The 7th. Exchange Exhibition of "Korea Japan Art World" Gallery Tour, Sendai 5th. Avenue Gallery, Choobori Center Gallery, Miyajakihyun Gallery, Japan.
  • 2002 '40.com', Yeh Family Gallery, Seoul.
  • 2002 'Painting in Daily Life', Lotte Gallery, Seoul.
  • 2001 'Twelve Trees_ The Beautiful Story', Dukwon Museum of Art, Seoul.
  • 2001 'HongIk Women Artists Assosiation, Hyundai Museum of Art in Hongik Univ., Seoul.
  • 2000 G.P.S. 'A Bundle', Hyuindai Museum of Art in Hongik Univ., Seoul.
  • 1997 The Exchange Exhibition of Design and Painting of Three Different Univ. betwen Korea and Japan, Japan.
(source: nancylang.com)
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