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Aaron Hernandez is currently being investigated by police in a homicide probe after a car rented in his name turned up related to a dead body describe as an associate of Hernandez’s.

At this time Hernandez is not considered a suspect or anything of that nature, although it does sound as if police are gathering the materials for a search warrant of the star tight end’s home.

Police spent hours searching New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez house after a report of a dead body was found in an industrial park near his home. Sports Illustrated reported from an unidentifiable source that Hernandez probably wasn't considered a suspect in the homicide investigation that's been driving national media attention toward his North Attleboro neighborhood. Why Hernandez? Apparently the link is a rented Chevrolet Suburban with Rhode Island plates that police had previously been searching for near his home. Apparently the SUV was registered to Enterprise and investigators wanted to analyze it for fingerprints.

Police officers went to Hernandez's 5,600-square-foot home, where he and friends were reportedly hanging out inside. Some officers stood on the front steps while others were seen walking around the backyard and in the garage with flashlights. As friends of Hernandez tried to leave at the time of the search, they were stopped by a state police car at the end of his driveway and their cars were searched. The body was found by a jogger around 5:30 p.m. on Monday, still no cause of death has been released. The police left shortly after questioning, one officer carrying out a large box with him.

Seems a little sketchy, right? It's worth mentioning that Hernandez received a box addressed personally to him from the law firm Ropes & Gray during the search. Patriots spokesman Stacey James commented today, “I am aware of the reports, but I do not anticipate that we will be commenting publicly during an ongoing police investigation.” Police were reportedly searching each side of the road near Hernandez's house with metal detectors and flashlights while others were seen taking pictures inside his house.

The man found dead around 5:30 p.m. on Monday in the industrial park close to Hernandez's home was identified as 27-year-old Odin Lloyd of Dorchester. Lloyd played for a semi-pro football team from Boston, the Boston Bandits, a team made up of former high school and college players. He was last seen practicing with them on Sunday.

The man who identified the body wished to remain anonymous, but reported this to WBZ-TV: “I saw an Africa-American male, probably 25-35 years old, decently dressed. He was stiff motionless, one of the police officers came back later and said it looked like the guy had been shot somewhere else and dumped here.” The Athletes First agency represents Hernandez and says they have no comment “on the Aaron Hernandez situation.”

According to the report, “a vehicle rented in his name has emerged as a key piece of evidence in the investigation.” SI.com’s source is reporting that there is a connection between Hernandez and the case, as a body was found less than a mile from Hernandez’s home.

Aaron Hernandez home pic

Per ABC News, the police want to interview New England’s tight end, as a man that is being described as an “associate” of Hernandez’s is the victim of the murder case. Hernandez has not been cooperative thus far in the investigation, according to ABC News’ source.

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